AI-powered Pathology

Transforming Cancer Diagnosis

  • Deployed in multiple digital workflows and used by pathologists in
    everyday practice
  • Clinical grade accuracy
  • Improved productivity and shorter turnaround time
  • Reduced error rate and 100% quality control
  • AI-based diagnostic tools: case prioritization worklist, slide viewer, IHC preordering, cancer heatmaps, grading, measurements, non-cancer findings, AI-driven reporting

Breast cancer is the most common malignant disease in women, with more than two million new cases each year globally. Accurate and timely diagnosis are instrumental in guiding treatment decisions and improving survival rates.

However, accurate and rapid analysis of breast biopsies remains a challenge, as increasing case volumes are intensified by subjectivity in detecting and grading cancer subtypes, the small size of certain tumors, the need for ancillary tests and multiple other reasons.

Powered by AI and serving the world’s leading physicians, health systems and diagnostic providers, Galen™ Breast is a clinical-grade solution that assists pathologists in improving the detection and grading of breast cancer.

Clinically Proven Excellence

Excellent outcomes in rigorous clinical studies at multiple institutes across the world, performed in different workflows and on various scanning systems and staining platforms1

Invasive cancer detection

– AUC 0.990
– Sensitivity 95.5%
– Specificity 93.6%

DCIS detection

– AUC 0.980
– Sensitivity 93.2%
– Specificity 93.8%

Subtype Detection and Grading

IDC vs. ILC AUC – 0.973
Intermediate/high-grade DCIS vs. ADH/Low-grade DCIS AUC – 0.921

Invasive cancer heatmap

Invasive cancer subtype heatmap

DCIS heatmap


Study of AI in breast cancer diagnosis, demonstrating the accuracy of Galen Breast how it can help improve the quality of diagnosis


Ibex Obtains CE Mark the Galen™ Breast solution that demonstrated very high accuracy in detecting breast cancer in a blinded study, supporting pathologists with accurate diagnosis, enhanced lab efficiency and quality control


Listen to this podcast with Ibex’s CTO, Dr. Chaim Linhart, discussing the unique challenges and opportunities for unlocking the tools of digital pathology.

Galen Breast is CE marked, approved for use by ANVISA in Brazil and approved in additional territories. Galen Breast is not cleared by the FDA and for Research Use Only (RUO) in the United States. Contact Ibex for more information on system configuration, functionality and indications for use.

1) Vincent-Salomon et al., presented at the European Congress of Pathology 2021 (data on file at Ibex Medical Analytics)